It is important that we have a proper skin care routine because if our skin begins to age and look dry and dull, it gives a negative look to our whole body. Our skin reflects on our health and it is our asset. You only get one skin in life, do not be careless while handling it and do not neglect it. If you want good skin, you have to take care of your outer body as well as your inner body. Skin care is not only limited to what you put on your face. It extends beyond that, includes everything that we do. You can’t make your skin absolutely perfect but its given to YOU and its belongs solely to you. Take great care of it.

We have set out for you basic and really easy skin care tips you can follow which will ensure your skin is in good care!



This is the most important step when it comes to skin care. It is a must that you cleanse your face twice daily and leave no bacteria on it. If you have dry skin, skip cleansing in the morning as this will dry out your skin. But you must cleanse at night EVERY SINGLE DAY to get off the day’s dirt. Use a makeup remover to remove your make up first and then cleanse using a cleansing face wash according to the type of skin that you have



The function of a toner is that it relaxes your skin, balances its pH level and also removes any dirt that may be left a little. Toners are to be used after washing your face. Make toner a part of your skin care routine like any other product you are using.


This is very important, especially for those that have dry skin. You must moisturize 2-3 times a day in order to retain the moisture of your skin lost as the day passes. If you do not, you will have really dry and flaky skin. When it comes to skin care, NEVER skip on moisturizing

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Sun screen:

Being exposed to the sun, even for a little while, damages the skin cells. Your skin can also become pretty sensitive because of this. Use a sunscreen that is more on the heavy side and has been recommended to you by your dermatologist for skin care. A sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or more is ideal.

Face oils:

Face oils have become a thing and I see them everywhere. Along with moisturizers, all the beauty gurus are making use of face oils as well. These oils can be just good old plain coconut oil or oils that are specially produced for the face. Such are Body Shops Tea Tree Oil and their Vitamin E oil. I have personally used their Vitamin E oil that comes in a little tiny orange bottle and they are honestly excellent for keeping skin radiant, moisturized and removes marks.