There are some basic clothing items every woman needs, they are never out of fashion. No matter where you wear them or how you wear them, they automatically make you look good and so full of class even though you barely tried! Looking at yourself in the mirror and you yourself are amazed at how you could manage to pull together such an amazing outfit. That is the whole magic of these wardrobe essentials. These wardrobe essentials just go with everything you already own. As a woman, it is an absolute must that you invest from time to time and own a couple of these basic clothing items which every woman needs. When bought from the right place, they will last you so long and they go with every age as well.

Now lets look into some of what these items are so you don’t waste time and money while shopping next time.

Black pants:

Ladies, this was Audrey Hepburns wardrobe essential! She often wore black pants which were ankle length. These are basic clothing items every woman needs because they give you a chic look and are a great and comfy alternative to your go-to jeans. When you pair this with any kind of top, it makes you look a little more dressed up, without actually even trying, and much more organized all together.


Ballet flats

These are the basic clothing items every woman needs. They go with everything and anything especially if they are in black or nude color. You can wear ballet flats with flared pants, skinny jeans, a skirt or any dress as well. They never go out of fashion.


A bateau shirt

This black and white striped shirt would be everyone go-to once they start owning it. They are so comfy and go with anything. You can pair them with jeans, sneakers and a long nude coat or with boots and a leather jacket. It would be hard to stop yourself from wearing this every day! This is definitely one of the basic clothing items every woman needs.


A tote bag

Tote bag is THE wardrobe essential for every woman to own. They are like a mini suitcase, you can say, where you just throw in all your things you need for the day and head out the door. They are the basic clothing items every woman needs. You can carry clothes, your laptop, shoes, food and literally all your make up in it and go anywhere .

tote bags

A silk blouse:

A silk blouse is one of the basic clothing items every woman needs. It would definitely be a wardrobe essential for me especially one that has pearl studs as buttons and no ruffles at the front. Silk blouses can be paired with anything actually. You can pair it with white pants and strappy sandals or jeans and ballet flats. Everything goes. My color for a blouse would have to be beige, baby pink or crimson white. These type of blouse make you seem neat and put together at all times.


The long black dress is every woman’s wardrobe essential and also basic clothing items every woman needs. You need this for almost every occasion, right? Whether it’s a job interview, a night out with friends, a formal dinner or an office meeting. You can wear this without having worn any other accessory and still look the best in the room.

Diamond studs:

Diamond studs are the most ignored basic clothing items every woman needs. This is something I will definitely be getting my hands on soon. Diamond studs are an everyday basic. Wear them to work, to a wedding, to a party or to brunch with your friends, this is what will pull your outfit together. It makes a woman look very graceful!